Where is it used?

Supply Chain Optimisation

Hexe is being used in the automotive supply chain industry. From manufacturing, transit, customs, fit out and delivery to a nation-wide dealer network, Hexe aggregates a vast range of internal and external data sources (including actual sales history matched with consumer geographical and demand data) for complex forecasting, reporting and KPI dash-boarding to ensure optimisation of the entire supply chain.

Complex Payroll Problems

Hexe is being used in the Australian payroll industry, an environment where very complex payroll conditions exist, especially in environments where workers are working overtime, shift work, weekend and paid various allowance based on complex and numerous rules.

A multitude of employee contracts, agreements and legislative instruments have been configured into Hexe. Large volumes of raw timesheet data is pumped into Hexe, millions of interpretations & calculations are processed, and employee pay slips are produced and presented for payroll.

Hexe is also being used to calculate complex employee workforce scenarios for cost modelling, compliance, detection of over & under payments, and design of industrial agreements. Very useful in union negotiations, testing new implementations of corporate payroll environments, and any other type of environment where large scale numbers and costings around workforce are required.