What is it?

Need to process BIG DATA sets? Need to calculate outcomes from millions of rows or complex scenarios? Hexe may be the answer for you.

Hexe is a sophisticated, yet easy to use, engine for modelling and running complex formula sequences.

Hexe is very flexible and copes with very complex mathematics. Using the spreadsheet styled interface, you can use Excel styled formulas or create your own formulas with lookup tables, reference data and any other variable or constant using Hexe’s internal language ( RuleSets ).

Hexe has built in sophisticated decision making tools, allowing data processing move through certain calculation channels depending on its context.

Hexe allows the definition of data input/outputs to allowing data be pumped in, calculations executed and results pumped out.

Hexe is extremely fast. It’s built in compiler produces very small compact executable code that runs at lightning speed.

Hexe supports libraries of compiled RuleSets , which in turn support unlimited levels of inheritance.

Hexe has secure cloud or in-house server models, allowing you to send queued data sets to the engine for virtualised processing and return.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry our team of specialists can help you through the most complicated of scenarios you might have.